A long distance memorial solution.

What is Tributestream?

Tributestream is a state of the art streaming platform that connects families across the globe when they cannot personally attend funeral and memorial services for loved ones and friends. 

Attending a funeral can be costly, and sometimes impossible due to circumstances. ​

  • Families pay expensive last minute flight costs, hotel costs, food costs, clothes, child care, etc.
  • Not being able to view a procession because of work or other responsibilities can create lifelong guilt.
  • Money that could otherwise be spent on helping a family in need is spent on travel costs.
  • Flying contributes to environmental pollution.
  • If you cannot attend a procession, taking part in honoring friends and family is limited.

Tributestream helps connect us

“I moved from the USA to Russia about a year ago and my grandpa died very unexpectedly recently. My grandma is also really struggling with it, he went into hospital on a Friday to start radiation treatments for an undetected cancer and was dead by Sunday.



His funeral is on Friday and there is literally no possible way for me to make it without spending like $4,000, however I am dealing with a lot of guilt surrounding it. All of my other family will be there and I can’t help but feel selfish and disappointed. Logically I know there’s nothing I can do

but how do you get over these feelings? I feel like it’s going to swallow me.”

 1 year ago (

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